Learn how to Prioritize Right to Boost your Work Output

Time management is something I consider very crucial for you to achieve your goal, especially, if you attempt to start working from home. So how do you manage your time effectively?

 By simply prioritizing your duty.

You have a great number of tasks to manage, however, because you are unable to figure out when to do which tasks, you end up wasting too much time. All of these tasks would be done much sooner if you actually organized your work in order of priority. It’s much easier if you come to think of it.

Well, good news! I have some useful tips that will help you prioritize your work list to avail the maximum benefits.

Set a goal and match it with your task

Some people may have trouble balancing, school, work, and life, though life is much easier when you set a goal and prioritize your task.

For instance, as a student, if you have three assignments due the same day. No panicking! What you have to do is to target the assignment that has the highest mark, get it done first, then go for the second highest mark and then to the least of the assignment. So what you just did is prioritization, because your goal is to achieve the highest mark possible. This scenario is also applicable to business people.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to set a goal, then match your takes to what you are trying to achieve. Fix your goal and then align all the tasks you need to get it done to achieve the result you want. This will help you eliminate any extra work or tasks that could result in any distractions or delay.

Setting the tasks together will help you move towards your goal steadily and give you the satisfaction of completing something.

Make no mistake, you have to adhere strictly to your goal in order to make it happen.

Approach to managing your schedule

If you cannot keep to your timetable, you are not alone. Many people find it difficult to follow their schedule. In this case, all it requires is discipline to actualize your goal. Take a look at the 5 steps to overcome challenges of working from home. It will certainly help you to understand how to avoid distractions and make good use of your time to achieve your desired result.


Following your timetable is one of the best things to have in order to stay organized. Once you have a time frame for a task, your brain will try to finish it in the time given. Plus, it will also give it that list of things it needs to do in a short while. Your brain prepares itself for the work ahead.

So in a nutshell, for you to be organized, focused, and get your work done successfully, you have to stick to your schedule. It is a great way to actually synchronize your tasks and move towards your goal productively.

ME Time

We all need Me time in our day to day activities, so use it well. You could use your ME time to excise, meditate, read or do anything that can relax and make you happy.

Your ME time is that little time you give to yourself, it is important. Yes, it might seem like you are wasting time. However, it is the time you need to organize your brain and rest it so that you can efficiently get your tasks done.

Spending a few minutes refreshing yourself will help you get more things done rather than sitting and procrastinating because your brain is too tired. Often times, we don’t realize that ME time is what we need for the next step to move forward.

Interesting, many people that I know who practice ME time are more productive people because they take time off to treat or pamper themselves and as a result, they are able to do more in less time.

Set the mood

You may not know it, but your environment plays a vital part in your productivity. A clean room, a cool atmosphere, and abundant light is key to productivity. Yes, everything may not depend on these small things, but your brain adapts to the surroundings.

A dim ambiance with a sleepy feeling will dampen your productivity. However, shifting this atmosphere to embrace better surroundings will fortify your performance and help you get things done faster. This is one of the things that you should keep in priority in order to declutter your mind and devote your brain to the problems that really matter.

Consider deadlines

The most important thing that you need to pay particular attention to is the deadline. Many projects approach the deadline and can be late if you don’t take care of this. Plus, sorting out your clutter and paying attention to the tasks in a sequence will help you put things in the right priority. Of course, you need to attend to the problem at hand rather than the task that is due in a weeks’ time. Understand this concept to schedule your tasks in sections and assign particular days to them on the calendar so that when you set to work you have an entire day planned beforehand. Simply tick off the tasks so nothing goes astray.

Minimize multitasking

Let’s talk about multitasking, some people are good with multitasking while others are not. So let me state the obvious here. Although multitasking may seem like something that will help you get multiple works done, it really doesn’t, especially if you are working from home. You can easily get distracted from multitasking, thereby sidetracking you from your real task.

You don’t need to be sidetracked, you need to focus on the tasks that you have assigned yourself. Remember, no one is going to monitor or chase you around to do your work, and that is why it is important to remain focused.

Avoid in indulging in the duties at home while working, at the close of the day you can attend to all other duties left behind. This will help you set your priority list straight and of course, move you to the right direction.

Your response to messages

In this day and age, we have so many gadgets around us, and often times we are busy trying to respond to all the messages that we get. This indeed is a common problem and a time killer that bugs entrepreneurs.

Naturally, many people who work online get loads of inbox messages. However, if you stop and look at all the 50 messages or more, that you received in one day, it means you stopped for 50 distractions.

Here is my take, instead of checking the messages every single time, the best bet is to set a particular hour to check your messages, except of course in a rare case where the message is urgent. In doing so, you will have a chance to respond to and check all your messages, but still be extremely productive.

Apply the 80:20 rule.     Focus on the task at hand

The problem with workloads is that 80% of it is actually something that will make up for only 20% of the value of the task. Hence, it is the 290% that you really need to focus on. Distribute your work and identify the critical points in order to really make your work shine with minimal effort. Try it, it really works!

In a nutshell, look for a home base business that will allow the opportunity to enjoy yourself and make money at the same time.

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How to Make Legitimate Money Blogging

Interestingly, there are different ways you can earn unique money online from home. When you are a student or a stay at home parent, connecting to the internet and making some money can sound very attractive. But how do you do it? One way to earn money is by blogging. However, you must know the basics of the process before you delve into the process. So, how do you earn money by simply writing? Here, I will show you all about the process, step by step, so you too can start your online business.

Make a move
The first step in blogging is to actually create a blog. The process may seem intimidating at first, but it is actually one of the easiest things to do once you know how. In order to do so, you need to obtain a site on WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest blogging platforms that allows you to create your site and manage it conveniently. Plus, it has a step by step tutorial on creating the blog which will guide you through the many steps easily. However, there is a unique platform that allows you to obtain everything you need to start blogging.  I will get into this later.





Create meaningful content
Remember, you need to use a relevant niche and a great idea to fuel a blog. There is a lot of competition in the market and you need to create some valuable content in order to compete with your rivals. The best way to do so is by creating useful content that will attract readers and help you build traffic. Try to make it as useful as possible to create trust with your audience. The more readable it is the higher the chances of it being searched and the more traffic you will get. This is incredibly important for all the earnings you plan to do later on.


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Showing vs Telling
It is always advisable to show your readers rather than telling them about any article you are about to write. So. Walk them through your contents, make them understand what you are about to blog about.  For example, instead of telling them that eating healthy is good, show them how to eat healthy to achieve their potential.  Although it is not all the blog that requires showing contents,  however, it is definitely what to keep in mind while blogging.

Research and choose your niche
It’s always a great idea to search up your blog niche online why? First, it will give you great ideas as to the type of content you need to create. The trending topics are the best ones you need to use. It is a great idea to search your competitor’s sites for ideas. However, you need to remember that you can’t copy content! An idea is safe, but plagiarizing content may result in your site being blocked and deleted. Plus, it can also cost you low views which is something you definitely wouldn’t want to do.

Invest in promotion
Blogging is not simply about writing. Especially if you want to pursue blogging to earn money, you need to invest in promotional ventures as well. Try to switch to social media platforms and generate advertising campaigns that help target specific readers. This will promote your blog and gave it the boost it needs to set going. However, you do need to remember that looking for traffic isn’t enough. You need long-term readers. This is only possible if you actually look for the right audience and create attractive content that stands out and captivates visitors. This will turn them into long-term readers who will help you boost your blog instantly.

Engage your readers
This step is one of the important steps in blogging, because not only do you want people to come to your blog, you want them to stick to it. This can only be done with engaging content. One way is to introduce multimedia into your blog. Images and videos make all the difference and are important parts of a blog. They help engage readers and keep them captivated in order to peak their interest and provide valuable information.

Hard work pays
Now that you have successfully completed all the steps, the rewards will start to pour in slowly. One of the best platform to begin blogging is Wealthy Affiliate. They help to add ads to your blog which are relevant to the topic. Once a visitor clicks on them you get a share of the earnings. This cycle continues until thousands of people visiting your blog daily end up clicking on the sites leading to specific items helping you earn money.

If you interested in blogging, follow these simple steps and you can easily start earning money from home. Blogging isn’t difficult. It just demands a little time and patience. Once you give it its share of hard work, it will return earnings.

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